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Social Media Marketing Importance

Social Media Marketing Importance


Here are some reasons why you should get onto your online social media presence today:

  1. SEO – Google search engine looks for your “authority” on your chosen topic, so if you have a large “social” presence with other people on the same “topic” you are trying to receive lots of free organic Google traffice from, then it helps.  Google knows if you have a Facebook Page, it knows how often you update it and it knows if other authority people and pages interact with your profile and pages.
  2. New Customers will find you  – (aka Drive taffic) You will drive new customers as a result of your social media presence if you are “active” – not just “alive” but “kicking” – doing stuff, making comments, re-tweeting, pinning stuff, Google sees it all.
  3. Build good relationships with your current customers, and don’t forget, its a great way to hear about what your customers want from you for future marketing and product campaigns.

Basically, if you’re online and you don’t have any social media accounts, you are leaving money on the table – so to speak.